Rayban totally gets viral video marketing… Do you?

Here is viral video marketing genius in my book. Rayban did a spot in 2007 that has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.

Now how can you beat a low cost production like this? It’s just a guerrilla camera crew, some Adobe After Effects and voila, a killer viral campaign. I’m not giving the creative team enough credit because they deserve a ton. Anything that looks that easy and simplicstic is often hard to do. That’s some Kick Ass Viral Video marketing. Think about it, the single biggest cost of landing those 4 million eyeballs is the cost to serve it up and YouTube fronted 100% of that.

The bottom line is that YouTube can be a huge asset to your business, whether your a startup (like your humble narrator) or you’re on top of your industry like Rayban. So how is your business going to do something like that? Call us at Right Here Interactive and we’ll figure it out together!
photo credit: P1030656-001_signed via photopin (license)

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