Metaphora-palooza: Why Richard Branson is the video marketing King

Thanks to my son for waking me (and my lovely bride) up at 3AM and not being able to fall back to sleep. I found a gem! Okay, maybe its too much of a stretch to only give my idol Richard Branson all the credit, but he and the Virgin brand sure do know a hell of a lot about creating killer video for marketing purposes. They kick ass!

This is the video to showcase their 25th anniversary. Since I’m a product of the 80’s, the use of Frankie Goes To Hollywood probably resonates with me a lot more than Generation Y or Millennials, but hey, there it is. Plus, it’s like a metaphora-palooza to mix such a sexually explicit song with a “virgin” brand… I’ve got to change my ticket too.

I don’t think Virgin spent a bundle to create this piece, but I know the video is going viral. I’m not the first to cover it.

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