6 Types of Motion Effects That Are Popular in 2021

Needless to say, website design tactics have evolved over the years to make modern websites more dynamic and intuitive to end users. One of the most fascinating additions to any website are motion effects.

Motion effects are used on websites to emphasize key points and present key information in a captivation way. Plus, these animations almost always catch the eye of the website viewer in some way or the other. 

Need some ideas on which motion effects to use on your website?

Here are six of the most popular motion effects in 2021 for you to choose from.

1. Scrolling Entrance & Exit Effects

Scrolling entrance and exit effects are probably the most commonly used motion effects on many websites throughout the internet. To put it simply, these animations take place as you scroll vertically on a website:

(Example Video Here)

And horizontally on a website:

(Example Video Here)

You also have the option to make your text and elements more transparent as users scroll the page. Some websites will even utilize dynamic rotating scrolling entrance and exit effects:

(Example Video Here)

2. Hover Effects on Mouseover

Another cool type of motion effect is a hover effect on mouseover. In the past, many developers and website users have seen this effect on a website when navigating the mouse over a hyperlink that changes colors.

Nowadays, hover effects are more advanced:

(Example Video Here)

Modern hover effects on mouseover can show new reveals, changes in polarity, and much more. 

3. 3D Parallax Effects

Some websites manipulate images and videos to move at different speeds, creating a seemingly 3D visual effect. 

(Example Video Here)

This motion effect is ideal for visual websites that want to rapidly communicate a bunch of quick information to new website users. It’s also great for minimalist website designs that don’t employ much text. 

4. Sticky Sections

Another type of motion effect you can find on any website is called a sticky section. This is simply an image, text, video, or other website element that sticks to the page while you’re scrolling up and down. 

Sticky sections are used to give website users more time to glance over particular sections of your site. Plus, they’re handy for people who like to skim websites. 

5. The Wipe

In contrast to sticky sections, The Wipe is a motion effect that completely erases a section as you scroll a website page. For example, as you move down a website page, one section will come over the top of another section. 

This is done to capture the focus of the website user, usually to a very important section. 

6. Full Height Sections

A creative way of presenting your website’s information to users is utilizing full height sections. This is simply using code to make particular sections of your website full-screen like a slideshow. 

You can choose to activate this animation for a few website sections or enter full screen as you scroll on your website. 

Key Considerations When Choosing Motion Effects

If you’re stuck wondering which motion effects to choose, you should be mindful of the do’s and don’ts first before making a costly mistake. As such, here are some key considerations to keep in mind before making a decision:

  • Two-Way Motion Effects – Motion effects can differ whether you scroll up or down a web page.
  • Mobile Considerations – Many motion effects will never appear on a mobile website version. The reason why is that it can impact battery life and support. 
  • Avoiding Going Overboard – Again, motion effects are supposed to be used sparingly when communicating key points website users need to see. 
  • Do You Need Inspiration? – Apple is the king of using elegant and useful motion effects on their website, particularly on their iPad Air and The Macbook Pro 16 product pages.

Do You Want to Automate This Process?

Implementing the use of motion effects is often more challenging than you may initially think. If you need help in creating well-thought out motion effects for your website, then we’d love to speak to you. 
Feel free to contact us today to speak to a member of our team about white-labeling our website development services.

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