ColorZilla is another great web design and testing browser extension we can’t live without

Most designers and developers know that colors are way more advanced than what they appear. Specifically, simple colors like red, blue, and green have multiple character codes for each shade. 

Nearly every color you can think of has precise HEX code, and the combinations can be mind blowing:

As you can see, every color has a unique HEX code. If you’re developing a new website, trying to find the exact colors to use from the previous website can be difficult. Plainly speaking, it will take a lot of time and effort if you’re doing it manually. 

This can drive down production times, lead to sloppy work, and damper customer satisfaction. The good news is that ColorZilla can stop all of this from happening. 

What is ColorZilla?

ColorZilla is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. It helps graphic designers and website developers handle any color-related tasks. Website developers can use this tool to scan the colors on any website. 

All they have to do is activate the plugin on their browser and use their mouse to hover over the property they want to scan, like this:

Website developers can use ColorZilla to browse the color properties of example websites their clients want to model after. They can also use this handy tool when rebuilding an existing website. 

Whatever the purpose is, ColorZilla is a great tool for color-related tasks. 

Why You Should Use ColorZilla

It goes without saying that website development projects take a lot of time to complete. Streamlining any manual, repetitive tasks can help speed up projects and give clients something to be happy about. 

When you choose to use ColorZilla, you can potentially save hours of time when analyzing colors on example and previous websites. Here are some more reasons why you should considering trying this tool out:

  • ColorZilla offers a wide variety of helpful features, such as a color picker, eyedropper, auto-copy, and page zooming. 
  • Users can view the element information of any object you select with your mouse, such as size, ID, class, and tag name. 
  • There is support for HTML colors, RGB, and HSV.
  • This is a multi-platform tool, available on Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. 
  • This tool is fully compatible for both Adobe Photoshop and XD.

Benefits of Using ColorZilla for Website Developers

As you can see, ColorZilla provides a lot of helpful features for website developers. When you decide to put this tool to use, you can expect to:

  • Speed up the website development process.
  • Create elements with the exact colors a particular brand calls for. 
  • Improve client satisfaction by delivering on their wishes.
  • Complete successful website projects in record time.

Stop wasting your time and manpower and use ColorZilla today!

Want to Save Even More Time?

ColorZilla is a great tool for inspecting the exact colors of any element you choose with your mouse. However, there is another way you can speed up your website production times and create more happy clients. 
At Right Here Interactive, we help agencies streamline their website design and marketing services. To learn more about how we can help, click here and let’s talk.

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