Fonts Ninja: The Ultimate Non-Technical Design Testing Weapon

As many of you would understand, there are some really tedious and technical aspects of building a website. One of them is stripping code and properties from an original website design to create a new one. 

Usually, website developers use their browser to “inspect the code” of particular images, fonts, and colors to model a new website after. Over time, this method can get really tedious. 

The good news is that there is a free tool that allows developers to access the fonts of any website text. 

It’s called Fonts Ninja.

Below, we’ll break it down how you can use this tool to speed up your website development process.

What is Fonts Ninja?

Fonts Ninja is an internet application that allows users to inspect the font of any website text. It can be used as a browser extension in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Specifically, users can:

  • Try various fonts without purchasing them first.
  • Discover new fonts and try them instantly.
  • Play with fonts in any website design software.
  • Improve and speed up the website design process.

The tool also allows users to access more than 3,000 fonts. No matter how unique a website is, you can use Fonts Ninja to find out which font it’s using to replicate it on a newer site. 

How Does Fonts Ninja Work?

To save project managers and developers a lot of time in designing a new website, Fonts Ninja is a very convenient tool to use. Users can simply download and install the official plugin for their chosen browser.

Then, they can turn on the plugin and hover their mouse over any text to figure out what kind of font it is:

As you can see, you can find out the exact font of any text. Next, you can download the selected font’s file and upload it to your design software. 

And, voila!

You’re now able to create a uniform design for your client. This will reduce headaches and speed up the approval process once your client sees that you’ve aligned the design with your brand’s font. 

The Importance of Using Fonts Ninja

Using Fonts Ninja isn’t just beneficial for website developers. It also lightens the load for project managers who are working around the clock to complete client websites. It’s even beneficial to clients in confirming the text layout of their new website.

When you use Fonts Ninja, you can eliminate the bottleneck in your website production process, save more time, and enhance your customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds. It’s just that great of a time-saving, dynamic plugin. 

Fonts Ninja Works With Adobe XD

Adobe XD is hailed as the successor to Photoshop because it’s much simpler to use and designed specifically to create websites. If you’ve started using Adobe XD, you can rest easy knowing that you can examine fonts from previous Adobe XD and compare them using Fonts Ninja.

If you think you’re saving a lot of time by building websites with Adobe XD, you’ll save even more time using Fonts Ninja. 

Want to Save Even More Time?

Fonts Ninja is a great tool to use to quickly inspect fonts, download them, and apply them to text in your design software, such as Adobe XD. We recommend you download this plugin and put it to use to save time and lighten the load on your developers and project managers. 
Though, if you want to save even more time and delegate all this work, we’re willing to help. Feel free to contact us today to speak to a member of our team about white-labeling our website development services.

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