How to quickly and cost effectively ramp up your mobile marketing

Hey Everyone, its nearly 2012. You knew that already, right? Well, here at Right Here Interactive, we are going to be focusing a great deal of time and resources on mobile enabled websites, iPhone Apps, Android Apps and all the other smart phones.


Well, lets share some data from previous months about the consumption of mobile.

  • Analysts at market intelligence firm IDC claim that more than a billion mobile devices were connected to the Web by the end of 2010. That’s close to the predicted number of Web-connected PCs, at 1.3 billion.
  • Morgan Stanley’s (MS) Mary Meeker predicts that within five years more users will tap into the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs.
  • IDC also notes that the growth rate of mobile devices is 2.5 times higher than that of PCs.
  • Predictions are that 300,000 apps will be available for the iPhone by the end of 2010, along with more than 50,000 through Android.
  • A survey of more than 50,000 European and US mobile users conducted by The Nielsen Company on behalf of Tellabs indicates that 71 percent anticipate they will use the mobile Web daily over the next two years.
  • US consumers will explore the mobile Web, while European countries will lead with MMS.
  • eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending, including messaging-based formats, will reach $416 million in 2009, increasing to $1.56 billion by 2013.

We know, we know…. Many times before it’s been said that “this is the year for mobile marketing,” but really 2010 is THE year. Between the near ubiquity of the iPhone, the new kid on the block, the Android OS (available on multiple carriers) combined with Adobe’s next version of Flash supporting Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, Palm’s webOS and RIM’ BlackBerry platforms, we’ve reached the point where mobile is not only feasible, but practical, cost effective and really important.


You company may or may not directly benefits from developing Apps for the various smart phone platforms like the iPhone and Android, but you can certainly pick up a few points with your customers by mobilizing your website. What this means is taking part or the majority of your existing website and converting it for easy access for mobile devices. FI-mobile

After you have completed the mobilization of your website, its time to move on to the questions of iPhone and Android Apps to help you promote. We’ll cover that topic in a later post.

Making your website mobile enabled is like telling your customers that you want to work with them in any way that they see fit. More and more e-commerce systems, content publishing systems, blog software, etc. are beginning this process.


Between now and March 31st, 2010, Right Here Interactive is offering clients the opportunity to mobilize their existing websites or as part of a redesign program at substantially discounted rates. Please contact us for program details and pricing.

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