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Sorry about the absence of blog entries. I was in a pretty serious car accident on February 8th with my wife, my 19 month-old son and my mother who was visiting from Buffalo. We we’re rear-ended while stopped and waiting to make a left turn on our way home from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. My wife and I both tore ligaments and tendons in our neck and back and my mother knocked her spine out of alignment. My son fortunately was unscathed but pretty shook up by the ordeal, the ambulance ride with his pop and the hospital with all the doctor’s poking and prodding. Besides the total loss of my car, constant pain and what looks like about 8 weeks of Physical Therapy for me, we should all be fine for the most part.

To the Point: I learned a little bit of a marketing lesson from this. Things can take some time to really set it. When my accident first happened, I really didn’t feel much pain. I made sure my family was okay, then I got irate about my car, then a headache kicked in. Within a few hours, I started feeling it down my back and a few days after I was in constant pain.

When you’re out there selling, especially a new type of service that a potential customer might not be aware of, the pain you are trying to solve for them might not be immediately felt. The initial reaction might be “I’m just fine,” but that isn’t necessarily the end of it. You might have just opened them up to the idea and they need some time to really feel it.

The bottom line is just because an initial reaction doesn’t seem favorable to you, keep trying. You may find that those prospects might feel the pain in due time and become more receptive to your solution. Good Luck!

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