How You Can Integrate Animation Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The constant avalanche of changes in the digital marketing space makes it difficult for marketers to keep up and incorporate all the different tactics in their own strategies. But staying on top of the trends is the best way to accommodate the needs of your consumers and serve them something fresh and innovative. This time around, consumers are nuts about animation.

Videos simply don’t cut it anymore. Consumers prefer watching animated videos than cookie-cutter advertisements. It’s the latest marketing tactic to disrupt the digital marketing field, and if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, your competitors surely will.

Here are some of the ways you can integrate animation into your digital marketing strategy:

Make your logo more interactive.

Rather than maintaining a static logo, you can improve your branding identity by transforming your logo into an animated one. Google has done it ahead of everyone else, and look how that worked out for them. Borrowing the same tactic can make your brand recognizable, especially now that not many businesses have given it a hand just yet.

Publish animated ads on social media.

As humans, we’re all visually-oriented creatures, quickly captivated by what our eyes capture. Since there are a lot of visual elements that come into play with animations, they prove to be superior visuals compared to static images and text. Advertisements with animations are more persuasive and easier to remember than those without one. They’re also relatively cheaper to produce compared to live video.

Create a business explainer.

If you want to explain to your consumers how your business works, use animation. Consumers would prefer watching a beautifully crafted animated movie instead of a talking head that dispenses the same phrases they’ve heard from a hundred other brands. With an animated explainer video, your customers will be more engaged and retain the information better. It can also help in simplifying complex subjects, especially if your niche is not that popular.

Place animated videos on your website.

Adding videos on landing pages is proven to increase conversion rates. But it shouldn’t be just any video — it has to be one that elicits emotions in viewers. Animation is the perfect vehicle to evoke emotions from consumers, especially if it’s well-made. Since it’s different from the visual content customers are used to seeing, it immediately attracts attention and creates all kinds of emotional responses. Plus, since many of us associate animation with childhood, animation can give a sense of nostalgia.

Incorporate animation across different channels.

Before you produce an animated video, you must first think about where it would be posted. If you’re sharing it on Facebook, it has to have a personal appeal. If it’s going to be posted on YouTube, try your best to make it more educational. If you’re planning to post it on Twitter, try to add humor to catch the attention of people. The key to making effective animated videos is thinking outside the box and getting creative. Since you can animate just about anything, the possibilities are endless.

Integrating animation is a novel yet effective approach to marketing. If you need help in crafting a compelling animated video to your customers, get in touch with us.

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