How Google just made your Facebook ads perform better

We talk to Charlotte and North Carolina companies who’s executives and marketing managers’ struggle with creating effective Facebook pay per click campaigns.  Well, good news, Google just made Facebook PPC WAY better.  Here’s how.

For a long time, the team at Right Here Interactive (a Charlotte advertising agency and social media marketing firm) have been big fans of the Australian software company Wildfire Interactive.  They created some of the first and very best Facebook promotions tools.   If you know what sweesptakes, fan gates and content pages are within Facebook, these guys dominate.  Our inbound marketing team members have run several wildfire campaigns in the past 3 years often with amazing results.  Wildfire can be a huge boom to inbound marketing strategies that generate leads and online sales.

Last July (2012), Google gobbled up Wildfire.  Since then, there is little outwardly visible difference in the product offering until today.  Today, Wildfire introduced what we feel is one of the BEST ideas for managing your PPC on Facebook.  Simply, they call it Ads.  So why do we know that this is going to be a smashing success for marketers from Community Banks to Sports and Entertainment companies?  Because, it’s similar in nature to Buddy Media’s Buy Buddy app, another fantastic ad platform manager.  We have run many campaigns with Buy Buddy in the past.  Unfortunately… Buddy Media was gobbled up by SalesForce and has since become a premium priced product more for the enterprise sector, which forced us and our SMB clients to stop using it.  Shame shame salesforce, you need to remember your middle and small market customers.

So what does this new Wildfire Ad Manager do and why is it so awesome?  If you have experience in running Facebook Ad campaigns, you probably already know that (in a nutshell) when you put your ads together you have a title, creative copy (with what had better be a strong call to action) and an image (on sidebar ads).  You then target those ads to your select the demographic attributes and budgeting parameters to promote from.

When those ads are served, you get some basic information on their performance that Facebook sees as valuable (I think most of the pillars are only moderately important) and FB rewards you with higher performing ads by lowering the cost per click.  But that is where it ends.  You need to determine which ads are effective and most importantly why.  Then, you need to try variations on those ads, see how they perform and keep going.  It’s tedious.

This is the basic ad performance metrics that comes with your Facebook account.

But with Widfire’s new Ad app, you can start with assets (multiple headlines multiple images and multiple creative copy), put in your targeting parameters and BOOM, the ad manager will make many (and literally, I mean hundreds if not more) derivatives of your ad, server them out and optimize the ad serving based on which combinations are performing best with which target audience.

As I previously mentioned, we had a lot of experience doing this with Buddy Media and we loved it right up until they dropped our account.  Now with Wildfire, the ad derivatives that are made for you speed up your performance time because there is so much effort being automated on your behalf.  As you start looking at what ad groups are performing in which targeted customers, it’s often surprising which elements pair up with responses.  You’ll never be disappointed in investing in a program like this.

If you want to see how Right Here Interactive can help you make the most of your Facebook Ad budget, please email [email protected] or call us any time.

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