How a Charlotte Company makes the case for excellent value statements

My team and I watch, read and hear a lot of marketing and advertising around Charlotte for local companies that are trying to use inbound lead generation.  Often these companies will offer up discounts, coupons, sales, sales and more sales.  Too many of those pitches just turn into noise.  I’m always interested in the companies who market themselves based on a unique selling proposition (USP), crafting excellent value propositions that serve as distinction and the best ones that act as distinction and call to action.  A USP answers the question of what makes your company different than other’s that do the same thing.  As one of Charlotte’s top interactive advertising agencies and social media marketing experts, we’re always trying to do just that for ourselves and our clients.  Sell on the compelling differentiation we offer.

Today’s Charlotte marketing and advertising spotlight goes out to a local tree service company called Heartwood Tree Service LLC.  First, we do not represent them, we are not actively attempting to sell them advertising and marketing consulting, inbound marketing services, web site design, app development, video production or social media marketing programs.  No, I simply heard their “informational” piece aired on our local NPR affiliate WFAE.

So what made the piece so unique that I had to write about it?  It was their value proposition   Think about this…with all due respect to Heartwood, the average Joe like your humble narrator assumes they prune and remove trees from your yard.  Big deal, right?  It’s the kind of service where my first thought is “who’s going to do this the cheapest for me.”  The kind that I hope and wait for some kind of Angie’s List, Groupon or other daily deal site offer to help keep things cheap.

But these guys didn’t reside to the status quo and engage in battle by price comparison and we applaud that.  No, they put their minds together and are trying to inform the consumer that there is in fact a difference between the way they approach pruning and the way the competition does.  In fact, you read their website and it says “Any monkey can do that.”  Harsh statement, but probably true.  The end result is my trees grow faster, are healthier and who knows… probably even live longer.

So what did these guys say that caught my attention away from battling traffic?  I didn’t record it, but as I recollect, it was “evidence based structural pruning.  Wow… that’s a lot and it sounds scientific and let’s face it, in this example if you can make your marketing message sound more scientific, then you don’t have to fight on price.

So Charlotte area executives and marketing professionals, what’s your version Evidence based Structural Pruning?  If you offer Charlotte businesses and consumers a highly competitive product or service, maybe you can craft a compelling value statement that can help keep you from being bundled in the pack.  Give it some thought, or call us to help!

P.S. – Heartwood, at the time I wrote this, you didn’t put that USP statement on your website.  My advice is make it the focal point on all your marketing collateral and put some more compelling calls to action.  When you do, your inbound marketing and lead generation will increase.

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