Do you Sell By Text?

I’m going to digress from my usual video heavy blogs today to introduce you to an excellent little application I stumbled on the other day for personal and business mobile marketing. This is really slick.

The app is called For Sale By Text. Their website does a good job of explaining how the system works in detail. The gist is that you register for an account and when you want to sell something like a house or an apartment for rent, you can put some of the features and pricing. FSBT then issues you a “shortcode” number and an ID. You take the info and then stick a sign in your yard that says “For More information text “fsb99″ to 368266.” When someone does, it immediately sends back basic details with a few options for them. A trickle marketing campaign is started right from this.

This is so slick that I’m amazed at its simplicity….

Use your imagination. How many different ways can you think of to use it to entice your prospective customers (beyond rentals, houses and garage sales)?

I’m going to set out on an B2B marketing experiment with this over the next month or so and I’ll report back my results….

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