Your Guide to Building Mood Boards on Designspiration

Created in 2010 by Shelby White, Designspiration serves as a hub of inspiration for anyone who works in creative fields. With a philosophy of “an open resource for inspiration,” the site serves as a visual library for designers, bloggers, and professionals alike, serving daily doses of inspiration for anyone looking for a burst of creativity.

The site’s Moodboard feature lets you curate inspiration for any project you’re working on, from brand identities to packaging to creative briefs. Plus, there’s no need to limit yourself to one project—feel free to create as many mood boards as you’d like.

In this article, you will learn about best practices for building your own mood boards on the platform. Read on!

What Is a Moodboard on Designspiration?

A mood board is a collage of images and design elements that serve as a reference point for you as you create a visual identity, packaging, or any other creative project. Creating a mood board can be a quick and easy way to generate ideas and gain new perspectives on visual elements that already exist or that you’d like to add to a project.

When building a mood board, you can choose images that inspire you or think would work well for the project you’re working on. You should include a combination of both inspirational and functional images to ensure that your mood board is both aesthetic and functional.

Give Your Mood Board a Name

You can add a name to your mood board, which will give you a place to start describing the subject of your mood board. Adding a name to your mood board is optional, but it’s a good idea to give your mood board a title that communicates the content and feel of your mood board.

When picking a name, remember that your name should be short and easy to remember. One or two words are ideal. These words will serve as a visual cue for your mood board, so be sure that the name is descriptive and memorable.

Choose a Color Scheme for Your Mood Board

The mood board creator on Designspiration has pre-set color themes to choose from. Although you can’t choose your colors, you can use the color selector to modify the appearance of the color theme you’ve chosen. You can either select a color that matches your brand identity or experiment with different colors to find a color scheme that works best for your mood board.

Add Images to Your Mood Board

Adding images to your mood board is one of the key components of creating a mood board on Designspiration. This is an optional step, like adding a name, but it’s a good idea to include some images in your mood board.

When adding images to your mood board, you should use relevant images that express the overall tone of your project. Although photos of celebrities and beautiful scenery are both aesthetically pleasing and can be used to add variety to your mood board, keep in mind that these images have no bearing on the design process. Choose pictures that both capture the feeling and theme of your project and inspire you on the creative front.

Have Fun!

The most important thing about creating a mood board is to have fun! Use your mood board to source inspiration and brainstorm new ideas. Remember that as you get more practice creating mood boards with Designspiration, you will hone your ability to take inspiration and turn it into an actual, tangible design.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with ideas, you may find yourself seeking out a place where you can find inspiration, and that’s one of the reasons why mood boards are so popular. By building mood boards, you can develop your visual vocabulary, sharpen your skills, and experiment with new techniques.

If you’re just getting started with mood boards, you’re coming at a great time. With websites like Designspiration, you can explore any visual element you could imagine. From colorful patterns to vintage illustrations, you can find the inspiration you need to bring your ideas to life.

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