Welcome to 2009: The Time is Now!

Marketers, are you really ready for 2009? tell me the truth now…. I’m not sure that anyone could have predicted the insanity that is now being called 2008. I went through a hell storm myself during that time. The company I built since 2002 slipped through my fingers as my investor pulled the plug and threw me out. Why? A lot of reasons actually, but lets focus on what’s important. I wasn’t prepared and I wasn’t accountable for my own actions. I didn’t believe that “My Company” could be stripped from me. It was my identity, my baby, a huge part of my life.

But you know what’s great? From the early days of working with my old investor (I still think he’s a brilliant guy), he always said; “Marc, if this thing goes belly up, you’ll only have gained experience and I’ll be out a million dollars.” Damn if he wasn’t right on the money. Sorry about that Dan…

So for my New Year’s resolution, I promised that I would do better to be prepared in my current position at AmeriStart and in everything I do. I will be accountable…. I will make things happen faster and for less budget… I will change my entire working philosophy.

So, are you going to wait until something really big slaps you in the face like I did, or are you going to make it happen, now, today? What are your resolutions? What can you really make happen?

Whether you are a marketer, sales person, customer service or any other customer-facing position. You have to hold yourself accountable in everything you do. The time is now my friends…..

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