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I watch a lot of videos, read a lot of comments and talk to a lot of people to try to formulate some basics of what makes a video go viral.  My clients at Right Here Interactive want viral, not just videos and they are both right to want them, but they also should want more conversion from them (that’s another post).  Like movies, you can only really guess and hope that a web video will really go viral.  More often than not, funny and sexy are keys to viral.  Yesterday, I watched a new beer commercial.  I laughed when I saw it, but later wondered if it is as effective as it is off putting to most viewers.
This web video was produced for one reason, to get people laughing and spreading the word.  It pushes the envelope of bad taste and low brow humor.  Take a look.

It worked and it didn’t.  When I got to the end of the video, I was both laughing and thinking of how it will offend a lot of people, but that it will have them talking.  I didn’t forward it because it wasn’t on my hilarious list, so I left it at that.  That evening, I was telling my wife about it, but I couldn’t for the life of remember what brand of beer it was and I love beer.  That was the catalyst for this post.

I felt like like this web video missed its mark in building brand while attempting to generate laughs.  I finally saw that it was a bud commercial, but even after watching it again, I had to really pay attention to the few seconds to figure out it was a bud lime commercial.  Damn people, put a watermark in video or something…


Maybe its just me that didn’t take the brand from the message, I’ve been known to forget things from time to time.   My advice to all Right Here Interactive clients and to my readers is extraordinarily simple; don’t forget to build your brand while making them laugh with your web video.

photo credit: #ModernTimes | Movies on the Go -[ #FlickrFriday ]- via photopin (license)

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