Right Here Interactive Team Members

We're a small bunch of interactive enthusiasts.

  • Marc Pitre
    • Strategy
    • Animation
    • Video Production
    • Wakeboard Poser
    Marc Pitre

    As founder of Right Here Interactive, Marc is the visionary (or evil genius, depending on your perspective) behind our brand. But more than just the glue that holds things together, he ensures that our clients’ projects stay on-time, within budget and exceed their expectations.

    Although Marc can multitask like a chainsaw juggler (though not quite as entertaining), he believes that careful planning ensures projects run smoothly and efficiently. His fanatical attention to detail means that all of our staff has to bring their A game to work every day.

    Marc has been proud to call Charlotte home for the past 20 years, but he’s even more proud of his son Griffin. Reflecting on his role as both a father and a business owner, Marc recalled the words of Wendell Barry: “A man knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”

  • Chadd DePasquale
    Account Service Manager
    • Project Management
    • QA Master
    • Organization
    • Coolness
    Chadd DePasquale
    Account Service Manager

    As RHI’s Account Service Manager, Chadd is crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s to make sure our clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.

    From a client perspective, one of Chadd’s most important duties is relentless testing to ensure maximum reliability. Although he’s not an entomologist, Chadd is always trying to find bugs - not the creepy-crawly kind, but the kind that interfere with website operability.

    One of Chadd’s favorite things about North Carolina is the beaches, sun and ocean. The fact that he took a 24-month welding course just for the sake of learning makes us suspect that he’s building a shark cage, but we’re not sure yet!

  • Michael McAllister
    Art Director
    • Photo Connoisseur
    • Color Enthusiast
    • Layout Obsessed
    • Vector Assassin
    Michael McAllister
    Art Director

    As one of our behind-the-scenes guys, Mike McAllister quietly goes about his graphic design work without drawing attention to himself, instead letting the end results speak for themselves. He’s truly passionate about aesthetics and functional design, an outgrowth of his schooling in computer design and his personal hobby of painting.

    Mike might hate public speaking, but once you get him talking, his observations on design always make him an asset during meetings. Plus, his easy-going, accommodating nature makes him a pleasure to work with on projects.

    But if you ever want to get the Quiet Guy riled up, just show him a poorly designed website… it drives him absolutely crazy.

  • Bill Halder
    Technical Programing Lead
    • Wordpress wiz
    • Extreme Problem Solver
    • HTML 5 Guru
    • Cricket Nut
    Bill Halder
    Technical Programing Lead

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology and a Masters Degree in Information Technology, Bill may have a big brain, but he also has a kind heart and the most determined work ethic we’ve ever seen.

    Bill is single minded in his effort to write well-designed, efficient and reliable code, including PHP, ASP and other CMS. In addition, he skillfully integrates data from various back-end services and databases to furnish the client with critical business intelligence.

    Bill grew up as "Bishwajit" Halder in Khulna, Bangladesh, which is famous for world largest mangrove forest. Cricket is very popular there and Bill is a big follower of the sport. Someday, we’re going to have him explain the rules of the game to us lowly baseball fans.

  • Manan Ghadawala
    Interface Developer
    • SEO Virtuso
    • Pixel Perfectionist
    • Load Time Optimizer
    • Responsive Design-Aholic
    Manan Ghadawala
    Interface Developer

    As an expert in PHP, Manan received his degree from Ganpat University and became a part of RHI due to his attention to every detail of programming. When we say that he doesn’t rest until the job is done, we mean that quite literally.

    Manan hails from Ahmedabad, which is India’s sixth largest city, with a population of roughly seven million! One of the things we admire the most about him is his saying, “Work for your dream, not for money,” which is somehow fitting for a guy who often puts in a sixteen hour workday.

  • Chris Greene
    Senior Copywriter and V/O
    • Marketing Maharishi
    • Wily Wordsmith
    • Viceroy of Voice Over
    • Motorcycle Maven
    Chris Greene
    Senior Copywriter and V/O

    As our man with the proverbial pen, Chris writes direct, conversational and compelling copy for our clients, as well as providing voiceover narration for animation and videos. One of his greatest pet peeves is pompous, braggadocious advertising that doesn’t address what the customer values.

    With 20 years of marketing and advertising consultation under his belt, he’s not prone to buzzwords and fluff, but prefers to get to the heart of the matter. (Pretty surprising for a guy who was once a political speechwriter!)

    A native of Buffalo, NY, Chris has set out to prove that you can ride a motorcycle nine months per year in a northern climate, and now he is talking about getting his pilot’s license. We’ll give you fair warning if that happens.