The Importance of Having a Responsive Website Design

In 2022, it’s vital to have a website that is modern, responsive, and delivers a great user experience to visitors. If you don’t have fast site speeds, easy scrolling or a responsive design for multiple platforms (computers, tablets, phones), you’re going to be left behind.

In this article, we’ll go over why it’s important to have a responsive and modern website.

1. It’s The Face of Your Business

No business today should be without a website. It is the online face of your business – and while it may not be the only method of marketing your business, it is the most powerful and efficient.

2. Appearances Matter

The appearance of your business’s website is one of the first things someone will look at when coming across your business for the first time. If it does not look professional or up to date, it can make a lasting poor impression. Additionally, not having a mobile responsive website may cost you just as many potential clients.

3. A Scanned Culture

Studies have shown that people are not extensively looking at business websites; instead, they’re quickly scanning them. As a result, people are less likely to read your text, but are more likely to scan the site for what they are looking for. Having a mobile responsive design shows you are keeping up with the times and are prepared for the future.

4. Mobile Responsiveness is Important to Customers

People are using their smartphones to search for businesses, compare prices, contact businesses, and even shop. All of this can be done without ever needing to sit down at a computer. This is why it’s important to make sure your website is mobile responsive in order for people to easily access it on their phones.

5. SEO is More Important than Ever

Since Google has released its mobile-friendly algorithm, mobile responsiveness has become even more important for SEO. Your website will rank higher in searches when it is mobile responsive.

6. Can Easily Be Measured

Since it is easier to track mobile responsiveness, it is easier to see the difference when the website is not mobile responsive. It’s easy to see the amount of mobile traffic, what mobile devices they are using, and which mobile devices are most popular. This allows you to make the most of this traffic by making sure your mobile website is compelling.

7. Keeps You Up with Changing Technology

Since many people are using their mobile device to connect to the internet, having a mobile responsive website keeps you up with the times.

8. Makes Sure People Have an Easy Experience

If your website is not mobile responsive, there is a good chance that people will not be able to access your website at all on their smartphones. This means it is crucial to have a mobile responsive website so people can still easily access it on smartphones.

9. Makes Sure the Content is Easy to Find

Mobile responsiveness makes sure that your content is easy to find. If your website is not mobile responsive, it may be virtually impossible to find the content on a small smartphone screen.

10. Decreases Abandonment

It’s important to make sure that you are giving people a good reason to stay on your website. When your website is mobile responsive, it’s easier for people to not only find what they are looking for, but to understand what they are looking at. This means that the amount of people abandoning your website will decrease.

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