Tbuzz is My New Favorite Viral Twitter Tool

Tbuzz kicks ass for non-vanity Twitter usage. Most Twitter users are actually just updating their own personal status (“vanity usage”), but as more companies and professionals embrace it, they want more practical application of their Tweets.

If you’re like me, you probably spend part of your day just trying to keep up with marketing, sales and possibly technology related stories, tools, etc. I read tons and tons of news sites, web pages, blogs and social sites to try to keep on top of practical and functional trends in my industry. If I am going to make Right Here Interactive a success, I have to. Usually, when I find a good webpage/article that has meaning to my audience, I go to tools like Tiny URL, shorten the URL string and log into Twitter to broadcast it. This is a somewhat arduous 3-Step process for a lazy guy like me. Tbuzz is a browser add-on service that lets you instantly tweet any webpage that you come across with a shortened URL. I won’t wast too much time repeating the value proposition. Just go to the Tbuzz site, watch the overview video, grab the bookmark into your toolbar and see what I mean.


If you do a lot of tweets that notate web pages, this is the tool for you.

Let me know your thoughts!

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