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What is Fathom Gallery?

Fathom Gallery is an event venue in Washington, D.C. You can find Fathom Gallery on the second floor of a rustic firehouse, right above the offices of Fathom Creative.
With a contemporary design and a beautiful wooden patio on the rooftop, Fathom Gallery regularly hosts small events, bridal parties, rehearsal dinners, business outings, nonprofit events, and fundraisers.

While Fathom Gallery began as a part of Fathom Creative, ultimately, it became a business all on its own. As a part of the Fathom brand, the two are related, but operate separately from each other.

Project Background

In early 2016, Fathom underwent a complete rebranding to mark their 21st anniversary. During that time, Fathom Gallery, which had a much simpler website design, got left behind in the rebranding process.

Fathom Creative wanted Fathom Gallery to be in line with the new brand—it needed to be similar enough to be recognized as a part of the Fathom family, yet unique enough to stand on its own. More importantly, the website needed to be redone as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

Right Here Interactive

Fathom Creative approached us for the quick and efficient rebranding of Fathom Gallery’s website, and we gladly accepted the challenge.

We told them that we could essentially duplicate the existing Fathom Creative website and restructure it for the use of Fathom Gallery. We laid the pages out, implemented a few before and after tools, and provided a clean, finished product.

Today, the website for Fathom Gallery carries the same innovative, contemporary feel of Fathom Creative, yet still maintains its own identity.
To accomplish a complete rebranding in a short period of time is certainly something we are proud of, particularly when working with a firm that we are so intricately tied to.