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Who Is ERT?

In the clinical trial space, there are few companies that can compete with ERT. When new drugs are going through the stages of approval, they rely upon ERT to supply them with reliable, efficient devices to record data, applications to process that data, and services that provide trial oversight. As a global organization, ERT brings in clients and customers from all four corners of the planet.

With involvement in 50% of all pharmaceutical drugs approved in the past 4 years, ERT is the market leader in the clinical trial industry. This is a significant role to play in any industry, but particularly within clinical trials. The process of testing and approving new pharmaceuticals involves a litany of regulation and compliance, with incredibly specific procedures for testing and recording data.

Project Background

Back in 2014, Working under our friend’s at Fathom Creative, Right Here Interactive helped ERT rebrand their website, with the goal of making it more manageable for their staff. This marked the first time that ERT had internal control over the content management of their website.

For the past two years, Right Here Interactive working under Fathom have supported ERT with ongoing projects, training, and guidance. Our ongoing role has been to work alongside them with initiatives on their website and provide maintenance services, keeping their website operating smoothly.

ERT Rebranding

In the fall of 2016, ERT approached Fathom for a massive rebranding project. At that time, they had acquired a handful of new businesses to fill gaps within their product lines. With the new acquisitions, ERT wanted to rebrand the way that they communicated their product offering to clients.

Rather than focusing on product lines, ERT wanted to shift their marketing focus towards their four primary types of services. These four service types—all relating to the ways clinical trials are run—are identified as their pillars: Trial Oversight, Site Optimization, Patient Engagement, and Safety & Efficacy.

Rebranding their website to focus on these four pillars meant restructuring everything on the existing website from the ground up.

Messaging Consolidation

ERT wanted to ensure that the content was structured in a way that people could easily follow over time and provide a solid structure for the content to be displayed.

Not only did the content need to be reworked, but the entire framework of the website needed to be changed to focus on their four pillars, rather than individual product lines.

The art director at Fathom Creative dove into the ERT analytics and recognized that ERT’s drop-off rates on subpages were significantly high. These drop-off rates were increasing for each level that a user was required to travel through the content. Her proposal to them was to restructure the content in a consolidated view, which then in turn dictated the re-organization of content and the new sitemap.

Design, Messaging, & Development: The Process

Before moving to the core components of design, messaging, and development, Fathom’s UX designer undertook the task of creating wire frame “content modules.”

They created 23 of these content modules to structure the content and messaging on the pages. With the modules created, we could set parameters for each page to flow into the next.

In addition to the restructuring and organization of content, the modules that Fathom’s team came up with would define the only acceptable ways of managing ERT’s content in the future.

After the modules were completed, the project scope extended out into three separate tracks: design, messaging, and development. Rather than going from one track to the next, all three were running in tandem, creating an unlimited number of moving pieces.

The design team at Fathom Creative came up with the creative aspects, including the aesthetic design of the website, color schemes, and individual page design.

ERT hired Crossroads B2B, a content creation company, to handle the messaging that would be fitted into the wire frame content modules. With 23 modules to choose from, Crossroads B2B had plenty of options to fit the text into visually pleasing, impactful spaces.

The third track was development, which was exactly where Right Here Interactive fit in.

Development of ERT: Right Here Interactive

ERT was a unique project for us, as the development process took on an elevated meaning.

Rather than act as another part of the process, Right Here Interactive took on the role of project lead and project manager for the entire web project, coordinating the efforts of Fathom Creative, Crossroads B2B, and ERT.

Each of the 23 modules needed to be programmed, fully responsive, load quickly, and well-tested as we waited for the final stages of design to be completed.

We set up the modules, waited for content to come in, waited for design to finish, and juggled all of these elements to deliver the project on time—despite the accelerated timeframe.

To effectively manage each element of the process—including the responsibility of development—our team worked well into the night, extending workdays into the weekends.

A great source of pride for us is that we not only did a great job representing Fathom Creative, but we also excelled at working directly with ERT. We acted not only as a support mechanism for Fathom, but also with as much pride and determination as many of the direct employees of ERT.

To manage and complete a project of this scope, with so many moving parts and tandem stages of development, Right Here Interactive happily adopted new strategies, new roles, and effectively met new challenges.

The Finished Product

In the end, what Right Here Interactive delivered was an impressively structured website. The ERT website is impressively quick to load, particularly so when considering the vast amount of content on each page.

Although the content system is filled with varying components, it remains just as easy to manage as the original website. Each piece of content is its own separate entity, allowing ERT to adjust as needed.

The ERT website complies with the European Union cookie rules, which is a significant element considering their global outreach.

It is fully integrated with the Pardot and Salesforce systems, and contains a custom-coded resource management system, which distributes valuable resource data sheets throughout the website.

We built a contact ERT Customer Care system that automatically recognizes a user’s country to display the correct contact info without needing to search. There are three different systems related to distributing news, live events, and webinars. We have also integrated their careers management system to create fluid job posting and career search tools.

As a finished product, ERT is a fully integrated, responsive, innovative, and efficient website. It is truly componentized, and our team at Right Here Interactive is proud to have been an integral part of the process.