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What is DC Bike Ride?

DC Bike Ride is an annual charity event facilitated by an event management company, called Capital Sports Ventures. It’s a wonderful way to see the sights and landscape of D.C. while raising money for a local cause—the Washington Area Bicycle Association.

What makes DC Bike Ride truly unique is that the city shuts down roads to accommodate riders, which is incredibly rare. In fact, this is the only event that closes roads in D.C., which definitely speaks to the local importance and impact of the event.

Project Background

In 2016, DC Bike Ride approached us because their existing website was becoming increasingly frustrating. Although it was a beautifully designed website, the back end was so complicated that it required specific coding knowledge to change anything.

Without a programming background, the internal staff of DC Bike Ride couldn’t update the website. Quite honestly, it was even tough for us to figure out how they would update it. We began by making a few small changes, and DC Bike Ride enrolled in our maintenance plan to allow for routine updates.

Eventually, we felt as though the most effective solution would be to redesign the website to make it easier for them to change content on their own, rather than continually administering various fixes and adjustments.

While 2016 was filled with maintenance, 2017 was filled with dynamically changing the content management, creating a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to manage.

Development: Right Here Interactive

DC Bike Ride was happy with the existing design of the website, so while rebuilding the new site for 2017, we took that into account. The basic appearance and design was slightly updated, but for the most part, our focus was on making the content administrable.

We built the website so that it would be far easier for them to internally administer content on their own. We also included some video elements and hidden content that turns on as the event draws closer.

In anticipation of the May event, we knew that we would have to create certain elements of content, so we provided DC Bike Ride with the content beforehand so that they could add it in and make it live.

The Finished Product

What began as too complicated for anyone but a programmer to adjust emerged as a fully responsive, easily updated, and easily maintained website.

Today—and indefinitely into the future—internal staff at DC Bike Ride can add, swap out, edit, or remove content at any moment, all without sacrificing design.
Redesigning the DC Bike Ride website was also an impactful experience because we worked solo, without assistance from Fathom Creative.

Not only were we proud to empower a client in managing their content, but we were also proud to take the reins on this one.