Launch Project

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Stylish, hand made, every detail accounted for.  That’s the goal of Coral Coast Clothing.  Sam and Adam, the founders wanted to turn their passion for fashionable menswear into a business that transcended between casual comfort and individual style.   Born then was Coral Coast Clothing.

Living in Bermuda, Sam and Adam knew they needed to create as stylish of a presence online as the clothing they sell.  Referred through our good friends at Fuse Financial Partners, Sam and Adam contracted us to design and build the website from the ground up.

We took an extremely minimal approach to the design that let the photography of the clothes take center stage.  Clean lines, lots of white spaces.  The colors and styles of the of the shirts leap off the page at the viewer and showcase the quality of the products.

With limited supplies on each shirt, Sam and Adam are constantly swapping inventory with ease thanks to the BigCommerce admin.  When sales are made through the e-commerce, Ordoro order processing makes fulfillment a snap.