Launch Project

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The US Government Publishing Office (GPO) had an aging website that was originally designed to get kids to interact with a cartoon version of Benjamin Franklin to learn about the 3 branches of Government.  They wanted to re-design the older website so that kids could interact with it even more.

Fathom Creative was contracted to build the new website on the Joomla Platform.  Fathom then partnered with us (our first of many projects together, so this one holds a dear place in our hearts) on the technical aspects and we set out to create something engaging and fun for kids while allowing for more support on tablets and mobile devices.

The end results is Ben’s Guide version 2.  An easy to manage website with content specific to visitors age range. Apprentice (4-8), Journey Person (9-13) and Master (14+) all have content that increases in complexity and detail, yet is centrally administered by non-technical staff in the Joomla interface.

The website is enjoyed by and average of 100,000 unique visitors each month during the school year.

Some time later, we partnered with Fathom again to storyboard and develop the Place The States HTML 5 interactive game.  This became the flagship interactive tool contained in the site.