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Who is Banner Witcoff?

As one of the largest intellectual property law firm in the world, Banner Witcoff is adept at managing patents, copyrights, trademarks, and the like. The firm employs over 100 lawyers out of Washington, D.C. as well as Chicago, Boston and Portland.

While the firm itself has a traditional law firm brand, their marketing strategy is anything but. Banner Witcoff is incredibly up-to-date with changing technology and modern in their practices. The croos between that traditional and modern is evident in their corporate website design.

Project Background”

For several years, Banner used an aging content management system that was increasingly “buggy.” In addition to routine failures, the site was difficult to manage, and wasn’t responsive to devices. In 2016, Banner Witcoff approached Fathom Creative for an over-arching solution to their website issues. The two companies had been working in tandem to troubleshoot and solve small issues, but with a steady stream of problems, the website was rapidly becoming less efficient.

Fathom and our team suggested that, rather than continuing to spend valuable time fixing one problem after the next, the firm focus on rebuilding their site on it’s existing design, incorporating more advanced coding on a WordPress CMS. This would enable the website to be more responsive to desktop and mobile viewing, create custom filtering of their hundreds of content pages, integrate a separate careers section catered towards younger attorneys and of course make it easier to administer in the future.

Combined with dynamic content, the proposed changes to the website would truly showcase the attorneys and their specializations in a dynamic, efficient way, displaying the exact pieces that peers and clients were searching for.

The Finished Product

Right Here Interactive was tasked with creating a highly customized WordPress system, advanced filtering and search abilities.

We imported over 1,000 different articles and documents, maintaining perfect structure. We created advanced filtering systems, allowing users to search for individuals, industries, and practices.

Outside of Amazon, the Banner Witcoff website boasts one of the most advanced related content filtering systems.

To decrease the stress of ongoing management, we created a website with a new look and new function without sacrificing efficacy. The new Banner Witcoff website is now much easier to use, with fluid responsiveness on both mobile and desktop.

Now, more than ever, the in-house staff at Banner Witcoff can expertly manage their website content without any technical knowledge. Because their content is managed daily, this is a crucial feature.

The end result is a classic, conservative design that still embodies the most highly functional aspects of what you can accomplish within a website.