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I’ve always violated the most basic rules of password management, I use the same one for everything.  Does this sound like you?  We all have a bazillion logins, passwords, accounts on everything and too much information to effectively manage.  Who can possibly be smart enough to organize them the right way and then recall each one correctly?  Well, thanks to an app called mSecure, I’m now secure.  Here’s what’s cool about it…

Alright, so maybe mSecure isn’t cool like iBeer or Light Sabre Unleashed, but it is cool for those of us who need to line our iPhone screens with some practical utilities we can show our bosses or even spouses.  “look, its something useful…” So in a nut shell, what can m— secure for you?

  • Web logins
  • Credit cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates
  • Email Accounts
  • Registration codes
  • Insurance Information
  • Automotive information
  • Clothing sizes

mSecure claims to use the highest level of encryption to safely store your sensitive information.  All you need to do is remember one master password to rule them all.  Make it a good one.  Since you almost always have your phone with you, mSecure works well anytime you need the information.  mSecure has a simple backup utility that comes free with your purchase. It’ll store your information to a spreadsheet.  Its a manual process to backup, but one that you want to make sure you do frequently once you take the time to fill  in information.

mSecure currently costs $2.99 in the AppStore.  Sometimes, when I see things over $0.99, I cringe until I remember that I just spent $6.50 for the Amstel Light at the bar last Tuesday (times 8 actually).  This one’s worth the “hefty” price tag.


mSecure has freed me up to be a responsible password allocator, while reminding me that I have way too many logins and accounts for a single human being.  It should be on everyone’s iPhone.

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