Ground Control to Major Tom – Microsoft, doesn’t get it yet…

So I get up first thing in the morning with my son Griffin (19 months old at the time of writing this) and read a few blog posts and such while he munches away at his morning delight. I just read that Microsoft has decided once again to violate the laws of simplicity with their next operating system (currently in Beta format) code named Windows 7. they announced that they will have 6 different versions of the operating system.

Seriously, what don’t they get? Six versions; are they crazy? I would like to speak directly to the product manager for Windows OS now.

Dear Product Manager, are you kidding? 6 versions. I mean how much more confusing can you be to the customers who you are trying to sell too? How will customers choose without a struggle? From the retail companies, to ISV’s, how will your vast network of partners be able to explain to their customers, let alone support them? Why would you not focus on creating ONE FAST PERFORMING, YET STABLE OS, like your contemporary’s over at Apple?

Want to know why some many people dislike your company? Want to know why your market share is declining steadily against your rivals at Google, Apple and the Open Source world? Simple… you make it too hard to buy from you and you don’t focus enough around delivering a stable platform.

Don’t create obstacles when selling to your customers. Go the opposite route and make it easy. You will benefit from it, trust me!

I switched to Mac last summer and I won’t look back any time soon. In fact, my only regret is the fact that I have to run Windows Vista on Parallels so I can use it at my job at AmeriStart.

I’m not chic geek cool like that Mac guy on the commercial, but I’m always ready to spread the benefits of converting like a priest or fanatic. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Do It, Do It Now”

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