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With highly targeted, completely personalized sales and marketing programs that start conversations and results in appointments

Cold Outreach Programs


We have two options to start a dialogue with your audience, Email and LinkedIn. Both are effective mediums and the success rates are comparable. In many cases, we will work both platforms in tandem.

The U.P.I.T. Proces

There is no magic formula or product that guarantees success. It takes real strategy and flawless execution to create programs that drive interest, engagement and ultimately sales.  We’ve created our proprietary UPIT process that helps structure the entire campaign from beginning to end and maximize success.


What does an ideal customer look like?  We’ll work with you to evaluate your existing customers and your targets to determine the best demographics based on industries, company size, locations, titles, etc. 

From there, we’ll develop a 3-5 point Lead Grading system that will be applied to any and all lists that we procure.  


Based on our understanding, we’ll roadmap the campaign strategy, objectives, the size, the timing, the roles and goals.  We’ll also start pulling together the pieces that we will need to run a successful campaign including:


We’ll execute a 5-7 part outreach program per campaign on either or both the email and LinkedIn mediums.   Due to the highly personalized nature of our programs, we usually do small batches of only a few hundred at a time.

Our entire goal is to start conversations that ultimately get appointments set up with your team.  


During and after the campaigns are run, we’ll be recording a lot of data and information on the activities.  During the Track phase, we’ll analyze all of the data points and present the data back in the form of useful, actionable insights that refine and sharpen the process on future campaigns.

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