7 wishes for Webflow as a WordPress team

Webflow is an all-in-one web design and development platform. It was created in 2013 by a team of designers, developers, and product managers who wanted to make the process of designing websites easier for users.

The downside? Webflow lacks in many ways that WordPress has already solved. In this blog post, we will discuss the top seven mistakes that Webflow made when developing their platform that WordPress gets right.

1. WordPress is Much Better in Terms of Technical SEO

SEO is a very important part of any website. A lot of people say that WordPress isn’t as SEO-friendly compared to Webflow, but we think they are massively mistaken. You can do a lot more for technical SEO with the help of plugins in WordPress than you could ever imagine on Webflow.

2. WordPress Allows You to Edit the Code of Blog Posts Unlike Webflow

It’s a nice feature to be able to edit and play around with the code of your website on Webflow, but it severely limits how much you can actually do. WordPress makes editing blog posts easy for users who aren’t familiar with coding concepts like HTML, CSS, etc.

3. WordPress Provides More Plugins Than Webflow Can Offer

There are over 31k plugins available for free in the official directory of the WordPress plugin repository alone while there are only roughly 50 premium ones in Webflow’s marketplace which will cost you money if you want them even half as good as what is already out there for free.

4. WordPress is More Affordable

Webflow costs $25/month if you pay yearly, but WordPress is completely free to download and use. Even the self-hosted version of WordPress will cost you less than what Webflow would charge for unlimited websites on their platform.

5. WordPress is Easier to Learn and Use

WordPress is much easier to learn and use for people who don’t have coding experience. Webflow requires a lot more knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc., which makes it difficult for beginners to pick up on.

6. Webflow Makes it Difficult to Export and Host Your Own Website

If you want to export your website from Webflow, then you have to pay a $49 one-time fee. This is something that WordPress does not do and will only cost an average of $15/month if self-hosted through WP Engine which comes with a free SSL certificate.

7. WordPress Provides Great Support

Lastly, the support team for both platforms is completely different in nature. The WordPress community has developed into more than just users who use it as their CMS; they’re bloggers, podcasters, online entrepreneurs all living up together on Slack channels where people help each other out with problems 24/365!

Webflow lacks this sense of community entirely making it difficult for new customers to make transitions over to using their platform.

Ready to Make a Choice?

WordPress is widely hailed as the best CMS for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With that said, it offers several advantages that Webflow doesn’t. If you want to start using WordPress for your clients, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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