3 Excellent Reasons to Give CodePen.io a Go

Have you heard of CodePen.io? They claim to offer social development environment for developers and front-end designers. In other words, they offer an environment that you can use to collaborate with other developers, test out bugs in your codes, and even find great new ideas! This is all done by using “pens,” which are sets of CSS, HTML, and JavaSCript.

So, with that in mind, you might be wondering if you should start using CodePen.io for your programming needs. Well, here are a few excellent reasons to try out the service:

1. It Is Easy to Use

At first glance, CodePen.io might not seem like much. All you see is a list of all the pens that you’ve created and a small preview pane. However, don’t let this fool you. The UI is designed for simplicity and to help you focus on your coding.

All the pens are nicely organized on the page and can be easily scrolled through. The page uses black as its default color, so it meshes nicely with your browser. To make the page even simpler, CodePen.io doesn’t load unless you have a pen open. The UI is also very clean and could potentially even pass the test of someone who is not a programmer. One of the best features of this UI is the pen preview pane, which you can see in the screenshot above. The preview pane is easily accessible and lets you see what you’ve coded without leaving the page. This helps you test out your code as you’re writing it without having to jump back and forth between your IDE and the browser.

2. It’s Focused on Collaboration

Many programming environments and websites focus on competition. For example, StackOverflow has a reputation for being a cutthroat environment in which people are only focused on getting to the top and scaring off others. CodePen.io is different. This environment is focused on collaboration.

CodePen.io lets you see who’s working on similar pens and even lets you draw in outside help from the community. The main page of CodePen.io shows you a list of the most popular pens, which also lets you easily search for a specific pen to see what other people are working on. In addition, you can read blog posts written by other people or leave comments on the pens you are interested in. This collaborative environment helps you find the best ideas and helps you learn the most.

3. It Offers a Free Plan

Another great benefit of CodePen.io is that it offers a free plan. You also have the option of upgrading to a paid plan, but this is entirely optional. This, simply put, is the cherry on top of what CodePen.io has to offer!

The free plan gives you access to all of the features of CodePen.io. These features include private pens, an infinite number of public pens, and unlimited users.


CodePen.io is a great addition to your programming toolkit. It can help you work with other programmers, simply because it is so easy to use. Along with this, the coding environment has a simple and clean interface, making it great for beginner users. That being said, top developers, today already use CodePen.io, so if you really need a reason to start using it, that’s a great one. With what CodePen.io has to offer, you’ll soon find yourself on top of your game!

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